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Tasha and Robbie… where do we start. Honestly the dream couple.  Tasha a doctor and Robbie a lawyer, both busy professionals who enquired with us back in early 2022 to assist in bringing their dream wedding to life.. all 5 days of it, we secretly squealed with excitement!

We had planned and styled a number of Indian weddings previously but never had we done a wedding with so many religious and celebratory days. To make it all the more interesting, it was for the last 5 days of the year, including NYE… which came with all the challenges of sourcing suppliers such as florists, printers and decor when most of them shut up shop during this time!

Our brief was to incorporate all the religious components for each celebration, making each day different but keeping it engaging, memorable, special and of course fun for all the guests!  Many travelling to Melbourne from India and the United States.

We took on the challenge and it was going to be the best five days ever… Five days of… Five Indian wedding traditions, Five Family gatherings, Five emotional ceremonies, Five incredible gowns and outfits and Five days of wedded bliss.

The first day, the Pithi (or Haldi) ceremony was traditional, cultural, colourful and stylish. A joyous and fun occasion for friends and family blessing the couple by rubbing pithi paste onto the bride and groom. The day was designed with floral elements in yellow and orange tones, symbolising the sun, brightness and positivity and the colour of pithi paste.  Incredibly beautiful, lots of fun, incredibly messy!

Check out day two, the Mehndi.


Photography: Aroha Stories


“I’ll try to keep this review short, but it’s hard to put our amazing experience with Lettuce & Co into such few words!
We looked for event planners to help with our Big Indian Wedding, knowing it was going to be a tough ask for any event planners. Robyn & Lisa jumped in with enthusiasm, professionalism, organisation, creativity and vision. They understood what we wanted immediately. Their creative visions were absolutely stunning and executed perfectly. They handled every bump along the road with grace and professionalism. They were so, so kind and supportive throughout, nothing was too much. Every one of our guests has lasting memories of how gorgeous, fun and seamless their experience was, thanks to Robyn & Lisa. And, most importantly, we now consider them family. It was a privilege to work with Lettuce & Co, we can’t wait to plan our next event with them!”
 Tasha & Robbie x

Blood, sweat and happy tears –


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