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Where to start … this was a big one!

Kane IS construction and with a brief to simply keep to the roots as they celebrate 50 years…scaffold would just HAVE to be featured. But from simply a ‘feature’ it turned into the main concept behind this milestone celebration for 650 of their guests at Crown Palladium. Long time event creators but first time scaff designers! Not only a first for us but for Crown too. Here’s how it all went down (and eventually up)

First came the concept and design of key focal points featuring of course, scaffold. From CAD drawings to engineering certifications, numerous SWMS, insurances and crown compliance approval, we had sign off and it was all systems go.

From 2am and 3 truckloads carrying 17000kg of metal, florists, furniture, signage, lighting and 40 venue/scaff/styling crew the transformation would begin and at 7pm, guests would be welcomed into their own construction site. But cleaner and classier!

A 15m scaffold gantry style walk through lit with LED tubes and a smoke haze led the guests into a space where they were first met with a KANE crane sign suspended from the ceiling set centre stage. The room was filled with blue scaffold at every turn.. 62 tables all complete with concrete besser block centrepieces, 148 of them to be exact. 5 of these tables being a complete custom build made entirely from scaffold with custom table clothes. Over to a 7m wide bar designed with a fascia of Kane building plans, behind it a scaffold backdrop with the celebratory 50, loads of lush greenery and florals and complete with a giant LED ‘K’ outlining the stairs to the top level. An 8x8m square scaffold maze showcased the past 50 years of Kane with an 8m long fabric banner timeline suspended centrally and lastly to go alongside a night of epic entertainment from Sax on Cello, Natalie Conway, Midnight Mix The Band and Shane Jacobson, was a 32m long stage design made entirely of you guessed it! More scaffold!



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